Frown Town!
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Frown Town!
A puppet show about the saddest vacant lot in all the world. Currently deep in production, but we just finished the heads, so I figured I'd show them off here. To give people a peek into the dark depths of puppet creation, we're running a blog about the process of building them and eventually filming them. We've got everything up there, from concept art to the nitty gritties of building, and even some of the horrible abortions from its prehistory. Follow the process from their weird birth and watch as we finish their bodies, clothe them, make sets and eventually force the little urchins dance for us.
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You would think that there would be a huge amount of stuff out there about puppet making, but what is out there is ages old and totally Web 1.0.

I've been doing a lot of puppet research lately, and so far all my options are either out of my budget range, or out of my skill range, or not well documented.

I want a custom monkey puppet. I was going to resort of an off-the-shelf puppet, then modify it, but even that is more expensive than one would think.

Your puppets are seriously sick and wrong. Do you have any shows up?
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We built those heads out of couch cushions scrounged from the street and half off felt and fleece from a fabric store sale. You can built with a tiny budget, you just need the time and dedication. No shows yet, since the puppets still need bodies, sets, etc. We'll be blogging the making of all of that stuff as well, and probably putting up screen tests when we start making them.

Also, thanks for the sick and wrong bit. That's pretty much what we're going for.
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These puppets are wonderful! Those heads are personable and frightening.
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My love of puppets is unreasonable and inexplicable. Thanks!
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