More Pages, Fewer Screens
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More Pages, Fewer Screens
More Pages, Fewer Screens is a blog I've been doing over the last few months about my halting, fits-and-starts return to the world of written expression on dead trees. Because, of course, the logical and appropriate response to spending too much time online is to do a blog about it. There's an entry about an entry about dead languages and double-takes. I've got an entry about jealousy. There's another entry that questions the very value of literary expression itself. I've also done a special holiday edition about the revival of the Hebrew language. Enjoy!
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More Pages, Fewer Screens is no longer with us. I decided that the essays I had written there belonged to a different period of my life and that my tastes and opinions on those matters had changed so radically that there was no point in trying to revise them. Also, upon closer review, I found the whole project was marred by a horribly earnest Self-Improvement vibe that was more than a little bit embarrassing. So I pulled the plug on that blog shortly after the New Year.

In the near future -- that is, at some point in the year 2011, don't try to pin me down on an exact date -- I will be publishing another blog, tumblr-based, that will feature literary stuff, among other things. It will have a broader focus. And it won't have anything to prove, either. I'll keep you posted as I learn more, as the broad outlines of this new creation make themselves known.
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