The Alien at the Bottom of the Garden
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The Alien at the Bottom of the Garden
I've always wanted to create a 'virtual pet', and finally got the chance with this game that's designed to teach kids about diet and exercise by getting them to look after a little alien visitor (rejected names/taglines included "Take me to your feeder" and "Eat tea with E.T."). Hopefully the cuteness and nice touches will make it fun for some adults too.
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I thought it was cute but the information might flash across the screen a bit too fast for kids to read?
posted by gomichild at 4:21 PM on December 16, 2009

It's a tricky trade-off, as the longer messages appear for the more they're blocking other messages. It may well be too fast though, and I'll certainly change it if it proves to be a common problem.
posted by malevolent at 6:24 AM on December 18, 2009

This is an awesome idea. I recently took a course in persuasive computing, in which we studied a bunch of different projects to encourage healthy living; this one is top-notch.

I realize it would take a tremendous amount of effort, but I wonder if you could make this real time--so when the kid eats a piece of fruit or exercises, he can click a button and see his alien get healthier. You could even make a cell phone version.

In the US at least, the government is very much willing to fund creative ideas for keeping people healthy.
posted by miyabo at 11:35 AM on December 22, 2009

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