Your Dancing Chocolate - stop motion animated dancing chocolates!
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Your Dancing Chocolate - stop motion animated dancing chocolates!
I work for an interactive marketing/design firm. We get to do lots of fun stuff, but once in a while we really get to stretch ourselves. Fannie May wanted a unique way to send holiday or "thank you" greetings to people, so we rolled up our sleeves, learned how to hand-craft foam-based puppets, and then animated them using stop motion.

We used the resulting clips and built a tool that allows you to create and send your own dance via email or Facebook... The amount of work this whole thing took is, in retrospect, quite mind boggling. There were all sorts of challenges - from puppets that didn't work out to chroma key colors on our green/blue screening causing problems, etc... but in the end, we learned a ton and had a blast. I'm really proud of the end result, and I wanted to share it with MeFi.
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That's awesome! I sent a dancing chocolate along to my family, and you can let your clients know I'm considering buying chocolate just because of this feature! ; )
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Sounds cool:)
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