ExpatQA.com - The World Is Your Question Mark!
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ExpatQA.com - The World Is Your Question Mark!
Having lived outside of the states in Argentina for a year and a half, I wanted to give back to the community of expats. There are a lot of forums for expats out there, which are great, in that they help each other know that someone else is 'out there' - and provide some sort of community. In another sense, most forums aren't very good at the "Peanut Butter Problem"... Where can I get a jar/can/bag of (Insert Marmite/Tams/Winegums based on your specific national quirky food preference) in this #$!@$ town? That's where expatqa.com comes in, with our motto, "The World Is Your Question Mark!" Questions and Answers for expats from anywhere living in any city worldwide are welcome!
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