Turkey Chef
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Turkey Chef
Thanksgiving? There's an app for that!

Late this summer gone, I took it upon myself to stop thinking in BBC BASIC and learn to program properly. Winter, and a headful of C, I have an app live on iTunes!

A simple app but nonetheless a helpful one. Here's the spiel:

Select the weight of your turkey and Turkey Chef will calculate the roasting time and alert you whenever the bird needs a basting.

Throw the turkey in the oven, set the timer running, and Turkey Chef will let you know when all is done.

If you would like a promo code (and have a good enough reason to want one) send me a message.
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I like the concept - no screen shots?
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You know....this is a pretty amazingly fantastic idea.

I've long been interested in the way that people obsessively focus on Thanksgiving prepartion. It seems odd, until you realize that most Americans hardly ever, but NEVER, prepare a multicourse meal whose centerpiece is a roasted fowl with condiments and trimmings. Of course it's a big deal - it's the most ambitious meal most people ever make. Each year, the Butterball hotline takes off, and NPR is all atwitter with meal prep shows and Susan Stamberg's cranberry relish recipe.

So this is really an excellent, cool, super-simple and crystal clear contribution to the whole enjoyable obsession with the project of meal-making. Great job. How do we promote it further?
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Thanks for the enthusiasm. I'm kicking myself for not having the idea sooner -- I've had little time to get the word out.

By all means, spread the word. If you're on Twitter, have a blog, own a news corporation, I'd be more than grateful if you gave the app a mention!
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You might want to bung a Tweet/Retweet button on that page for us lazy peeps.
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