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Inspired by a passing tweet ,OMGIMTHEADULT is a simple blog about the moment you realize, OMG I'M THE ADULT HERE. Submissions very welcome.
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I feel like Jessamyn probably should be used to that feeling, being a mod and all
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I would like to go to the bathroom.
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I await more content *bookmarks*
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I await more content

So do I man

*hits refresh again*

okay that's a little emo, I have some people lined up
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The first time I had that moment I was 19, and with an 18-year-old, and the two of us had been given a dozen kids, six canoes, and some food and had been assigned to take out an overnight canoe trip in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. While the two of us late adolescents were helping a couple kids figure out a set of tent poles, another faction of kids headed down to the bluff over the river, got another kid into a mummy bag, zipped him up, pulled the face drawstring shut, and began rolling him down the bluff into the river, where he would have helplessly flailed as his sleeping bag filled with water. We caught this just in time, raced down to the water's edge, released the kid in the mummy bag, and delivered a severe lecture to the other kids.

But at some point I realized, Jesus Lord. I have a whole bunch of other people's kids and we're in the freaking wilderness and it's about to go Lord of the Flies on me. And I'm the Adult Here.
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This seems really interesting! I bookmarked it.
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The url to your personal site is borked on the blog. also: bookmarked.
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thanks minifigs, fixed.
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I was 25 and sitting in the realtor's office with my then-fiancee, signing on to a mortgage that would last longer than I had been alive up to that point.

This xkcd strip rings very true for me.
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Great blog! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who has this feeling all too often!
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This is wonderful! I still get this feeling all the time, though sometimes I feel my 15 year old daughter is more mature than I am.
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Great idea, great title. I'm 35 and pretty much any time I catch myself being enthusiastic over some necessary but totally un-fun expenditure is still an "aw-crap-this-is-what-being-a-grown-up-is-like" moment. As in, "Sweet! Now that I've spent $500 to get my exhaust manifold replaced I can get my car inspected and drive legally!"
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Depending on the volume I'll try to keep to posting every thursday or monday/thursday if I get, like, a ton.
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(also, many thanks to everyone who already sent their stories in)
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Oh hey if anyone is reading this, I am down to almost no new submission, if you've been sitting on a story, send it in.
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