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A tiny tool for keeping good habits. Log whether you did complete whatever (keeping your room clean, jogging) and get a nice little graph of it in your console. Put the file on a USB drive and you can edit it because it's a simple text format (YAML). Install it with 'gem install habiter' if you've got a mac or linux machine with ruby + rubygems. That's it.
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I don't have much use for Habiter itself (I don't tend to have many habits at all), but I clicked through to the firm you work for (via your github profile) -- very impressive. I love the maps you create, and some of the other projects (the AiA Disaster manual on a USB drive) are brilliant.
posted by Galen at 2:42 AM on November 7, 2009

Thanks! Yeah - Development Seed is an unbelievable place to work - we get to build lots of crazy tools and pretty much open-source everything. I must say, I love it.
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