Stories of Health
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Stories of Health
There's lots of debate about health care in the United States these days. Most of it is focused on dollar amounts and committee votes. Meanwhile, thousands of people are getting sick, dying and going bankrupt. To better help others understand the nature and scope of the problem, we've spent three months travelling California, talking to people about their experiences with the health care system. The result of this is Stories of Health. So far, we have 61 stories -- stories of people who are uninsured, people who've been overbilled, people who can't get insurance because of pre-existing conditions. There are stories of people with cancer and brain tumors; diabetes and polio; stories of mothers and fathers; of teachers and students, doctors and nurses.

If we're going to get health care reform in this country, people have to know how much of a need there really is -- they need to know how awful the current system is. How much it hurts people.
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