The Screening Room
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The Screening Room
We've been trying to come up with a way to make it easier for people to find all the great filmmakers and web series producers on the web without having to sift through 10,000 YouTube cat videos, what we came up with is The Screening Room which is a running directory of high-quality web television and movies complete with reviews and suggestions.
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I like some of the postings that have lengthy text discussion of a topic, with the video being used as punctuation for the points being made in the article (like Joss Whedon's storytelling). Youtube's low quality comments aren't even in the same universe...

Two minor interface suggestions: the icons on category pages (like storytelling) should probably be clickable -- I clicked a few times on one before realizing that the name is the only link; and if the icons could be thumbnails instead it would help give the viewer an idea of which videos might be interesting.
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