October 2, 2009 5:11 PM   Subscribe 2 is a 4 year old project for keeping track of your dvds and books that I eventually neglected. I've finally rewritten it, hopefully for the better in terms of performance and usability. I know this isn't technically a new project, but it took me a lot of work to rewrite and I'm a bit excited about it.

Currently, I'm using Amazon as the source for titles and cover images. I've managed to maintain my old RSS feeds and javascript based embeddable "widgets", and I'm working on an API so that it will be easier to interact with the service.

I know there are now several similar sites, but at when I originally launched, there were was maybe one that wasn't dead and I hadn't heard of it. In any case, I'm glad I kept going, as I taught myself a lot in the process.
posted by sxtxixtxcxh (1 comment total)

Is it à work in progress? Can we reqeuest features?
posted by Iteki at 12:51 PM on November 3, 2009

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