App idea? There's a page for that. Presenting Notepods.
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App idea? There's a page for that. Presenting Notepods.
While working on a larger iPhone app project that will hopefully get posted here in a few months, we were frustrated that there wasn't a dead simple notepad to accurately sketch out an iPhone UI, so we went ahead and made one. Sure, it's not for everyone, but I hope some of you may like :)
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It's crazy how many things I see linked around on the Internets that turn out to be Mefi.Projects. Nicely done. This is very cool.
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Well thats not surprising Chunking, considering how amazing and smart all us mefites are :) Burhanistan, thanks for the comment, totally see where you are coming from. Indeed we would take a loss at that price, and we're not even selling it to make money, it's just that postage from Australia is so ridiculously expensive, and we didn't want to much around with a bunch of separate shipping costs. If they continue to sell well, we will probably drop ship them to a fulfilment house in the US to cut down on the costs, but since its just a side project for our respective businesses, we have to keep things pretty casual for the moment. Thanks again!
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mathowie bought some!
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OMG! The project has come completely full-circle. Now what? (Stay tuned for a fun mini update in this thread in the next 7-10 days :) Seriously though, that picture made us very, very giddy...
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