Revolving Floor
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Revolving Floor
A curated community of writers and artists, focused around creative nonfiction. Jessamyn and mdn are contributors. A different topic each month. Original cartoons from Liza Donnelly, who draws for the New Yorker, and other well-known cartoonists. Poetry and a little fiction too.

If you're interested in getting involved, check out the contributor's guidelines and get in touch with me.
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That looks fantastic.
posted by mathowie at 9:39 AM on August 22, 2009

Yeah, agreed.
posted by dabitch at 12:22 AM on August 25, 2009

Double agreed - I love the idea of it too. Issue / Theme based seems like a good way of keeping the chaff down. Plus I love that poem "Brooding."
posted by seanyboy at 12:40 AM on August 25, 2009

I like the site a lot and I'm enjoying the writing, but the site is a bit slow for me (using Internet Explorer)... if there's any way to make it load faster, not stutter when I try to scroll, etc, that would make it even better!
posted by cider at 8:48 AM on August 26, 2009

Thanks, cider... I saw it loading slow, but I figured it was just my aging laptop.

I'm looking to get it set up with Amazon Cloudfront. If anyone has experience doing that with Wordpress, and wants to give me advice, I'm open to discussing.
posted by bingo at 1:34 PM on August 26, 2009

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