How a Girl From the 'Burbs Became a Drug Kingpin
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How a Girl From the 'Burbs Became a Drug Kingpin
This is a story I did for the Daily Beast about Rian Thal, a party promoter in Philly who was boldly murdered on a Saturday evening in the luxury apartment complex where she lived. Police found four kilos of cocaine and $100,000 in her apartment. I relate some personal history to shape some understanding of how someone like her could wind up in a place like this.
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! I read this the other day. I liked it but... sorry, but I wanted more facts on how she got where she got. Specifically who started her out, who kept her going, who liked her who didn't, what she was like on a day-to-day basis. Did she eat cereal in the morning? What did her parents think of her? Actually, all this shit that I wanted had nothing to do with your piece, which I enjoyed and related to a, uh, a lot. The details I was curious about were just that, details that would help me set myself up as an ex- Main Line blonde sweetie party promoter drug dealer because, you know, Philly's got an opening I hear and I'm kind of at loose ends...

Thanks for the good read.
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Yeah, those details aren't really out there yet so that story wasn't really what I was going to be able to write in the time frame they wanted the piece by (while it was still in the headlines) so I kind of worked with what I had to do some speculating. There's a guy at Philly Magazine who is doing that piece, is doing tons of interviews and really digging in, I'm not sure what his time frame is, though.
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...those details aren't really out there yet...

Understood. I didn't mean to say it detracted from your piece - I meant that even with the 'real' details, the basic story is still crazy enough, the characters particular and peculiar enough that I will always want more: more details more atmosphere more, well not cocaine anymore for me, but just more more.

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I'll make a mental note to MeMail you the Philly Mag piece when it runs, the guy who's writing it, Steve Volk, is a really good magazine journalist and I'm sure it will cover a ton of details.
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Can I put in a request for that link as well, Jeff? Nice piece. Forwarding it to friends as I speak.
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Of course, Peter, I figured you might have a story or two of your own to kick in here ;)
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Heeeey, guys. The Daily Beast loved the first story so much that Tina Brown actually asked me to dig a little more and do a follow up. Bear in mind that I don't title these things.

Inside the Dead Girl's Nightclub
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The Straightener, your link goes to this Projects post. Can you post your follow-up?
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Weird, thanks for pointing that out.

Inside the Dead Girl's Nightclub
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Thanks for posting the follow-up. I'm happy when this community works.
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Late to the party, but I really enjoyed the article and the followup.
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