When I Was Twelve
March 6, 2006 9:27 PM

When I Was Twelve
What happens to girls in that pivotal year between girlhood and adolescence? Is being 12 a different experience today than it was 50 years ago? What exactly is so significant about the 12-year-old experience for girls and women? I'm working on research for a book called "When I Was Twelve" that's going to be a nonfiction look into the pivotal year in American girlhood. I'm hoping to interview hundreds of women of all different ages, geographical locations, economic backgrounds, and occupations, and have them tell me their stories. These stories don't have to be long, or even well-written -- they could be a few hundred words, or free-association; about a specific event or an overall summary of that year -- they just have to be real stories, from American women over the age of 13, and they all have to start with the phrase, "When I was twelve, . . ." Read other people's stories here or share your own.
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