The Mild Mannered Podcast - A Comic Book Podcast
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The Mild Mannered Podcast - A Comic Book Podcast
A couple of months ago me and 2 of my college friends decided to do our own comic book review podcast, but because we're poor college students we chose to not talk about the single issues coming out, but about the trade paperbacks of comics that are released weekly. One trade may cost the equivalent of your normal pull list for a week, but at least you get a full story.

We also pick our favorite trades coming out for the week, perform a dramatic line reading from a comic book scene, do a retro review of a comic trade that has been out for awhile and tell you whether you should go to pick it up or just leave it in the bookstore. Hope you take a chance to check us out, in our 10th episode we just interviewed David Gallaher the writer for the Zuda Comics series High Moon

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