Guide to Making a Pecha Kucha Presentation
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Guide to Making a Pecha Kucha Presentation
I recently participated in Pecha Kucha (Chicago), a presentation format that places an interesting constraint on all participants: 20 slides, 20 seconds each. My talk was on Repetition and Variation, and I found the entire process a pretty interesting and unique one. In the hopes my experience might help others, I ended up creating a "guide" where I've posted tips and general advice, as well as the jpg/psd files I used in my presentation.

I put in a lot of time and work into my talk, and feel pretty happy with how it turned out. While there are a lot of Pecha Kucha examples on YouTube, I didn't find a lot of resources that focused on the creating and preparation process. At least, not to the degree that I wanted. This guide goes a bit more in-depth, and is the kind of thing I was looking for when I first started out.

For those preparing their own talks, I hope this resource helps. For those considering participating in Pecha Kucha - do it! I had a blast.
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This guide should help people working on Ignite talks as well, same concept.
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I keep thinking I'll get off my ass one of these days and do a PK presentation on my research or my travels or something, and although I've seen some PK, this was still a really great guide. Nice job. If I finally do a PK in the next six months, you're to thank (though the audience might blame you).
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MattScully and I had a similar idea a while back when he was asked to boil a business continuity presentation down to two slides, and we thought it would be interesting to see just how creative (and informative) people could be with such a restriction. Even registered the obvious domain name for the project, but we haven't gotten around to doing anything with it yet.
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Really glad folks are finding it interesting/useful. I got a nice mention over at Presentation Zen today, which was incredibly flattering.

Thanks for the kind words!
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