Captain Blood and the Peril of Indie Comics!
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Captain Blood and the Peril of Indie Comics!
So I wrote the Captain Blood adaptation for SLG, and we were all kind of gloomy about its chances, given that rack space in comic shops for indie books is limited, especially for classic novel adaptations. Then we had an idea.

Why not try to illustrate a (relatively) complex problem -- one where nobody is really at fault, but where the medium itself is suffering -- by using the comic we're trying to promote? Captain Blood and the Peril of Indie Comics takes four pages of the first book, which I rewrote and David Hedgecock relettered, and tries to break the situation down for the casual comics reader who isn't really aware of why there seem to be decreasing numbers of non-Marvel and non-DC books on the racks at the local comics shop.

Initial response has been good, and the best part is I've heard from a few other creators that might take this "use my comic to talk about comics" approach and engage in this sort of remix to raise general awareness of what life for independent publishers is like in today's market. Here's hoping!
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