-- a gallery for iPhone PaintBook art
June 2, 2009 6:43 PM   Subscribe -- a gallery for iPhone PaintBook art
A couple months ago I announced my iPhone vector drawing app PaintBook here on Projects. Version 2.5 dropped a few weeks ago, and includes built in support for uploading of artwork to a new dedicated site: The site presently has over 370 public works of art (more every day), all contributed by PaintBook users drawing only on their iPhone & iPod touch screens.

A selection of artists on the site: zizilina, hilarytalbot, frommystudio, jpfsmith, troodle, miguelb2000, stuartgreenfield.

Drink from the firehose: The "everything" timeline.

If you're interested, follow @PaintBook for site & app updates on Twitter.

I created both the iPhone app and the website itself.
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