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El Kiablo Animations
So, after years of drawing a daily cartoon, I recently started making short Flash animations...

Right after I graduated from college I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my creative energies. I had a drawer full of manuscripts at various stages, but no real plans to do anything with them. I had been interested in comics for awhile, but I had absolutely no ability to draw whatsoever. Then I read an interesting interview with Bill Watterson where he talked about how it took him five years in a basement to come up with Calvin and Hobbes and to sell it, and I thought: well, let's just work for five years and sooner or later I'll have to get some kind of style going.

That was almost four years ago. For three years, I did a cartoon a day about just about anything. (Warning: quality of art varies greatly between these.) Video Games. Cookie Monster. Philosophers. Work. Vampires. Politics. The sort of random stuff that Adult Swim consists of.

However, after three years of a grind like that I got worn down, and also it became more and more clear to me that cartoons weren't my strong suit, because I was too fond of wordy vignettes - things that would look bad on a page, which wouldn't inspire people to go through the effort of reading them - but which would work as short animations, where people wouldn't have to work so hard to get the joke and where I could have more control over the pacing and the timing.

So, after a few months of trial and error, I've finally learned enough flash to produce some short movies. I've tried to stick to the cartoon formula of short jokes about anything I can think of. The Wizard of Oz. Dinosaurs. George Washington. Superheroes.

Its very much a work in progress - after all I'm only 4/5 of the way through my initial plan - but I have to say, its been coming along nicely. I plan on trying to make the animation a little smoother and to move onto longer more cinematic projects, but I think its finally getting to a point where I'm not totally embarrassed to share it with everyone.
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