The Sound of Young America: The TV Pilot
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The Sound of Young America: The TV Pilot
I made this TV version of my public radio show with the good folks at Current. It features interviews with Patton Oswalt (Comedians of Comedy, King of Queens, Ratatouille), Ben Karlin (exec producer/head writer of The Daily Show & Colber) and Maria Bamford. Also: my dog Cocoa.

I really liked how it came out (and so did they), but the channel sort of changed directions in their prime-time programming while we were making it, and the new direction didn't include this kind of half-hour show.
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That is approximately 50,000,000X better than anything I've seen on Current. Are you able to shop it around to other networks? That's what one does with pilots, right? I think I see a Cocoa spinoff in the future.
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It was produced by Current (and they did a great job).

I may try to put together a TSOYA tv show elsewhere, they don't own the concept or anything.
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Oh, and it wasn't not picked up for quality reasons. I think they were happy with it (as I was/am, especially considering the fact that we made most of it with two people - a producer and me).

They originally planned kind of traditional half-hour programs during prime time, which changed to half-hour theme stuff based on the "channels" on their website (ie comedy, travel, whatever). This fit into the former but not the latter.
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Oh yeah, no dig intended on Current. I haven't watched the channel much, but it just doesn't appeal to me the way TSOYA does. The show was slick and fun and peppy without being whacky, and most of the stuff I have seen on Current is kind of sketchy and grim.

I wonder if the final version of a TSOYA TV show could incorporate some of the sillier, less formal stuff from Jordan, Jesse, GO!? Kind of the way late-night shows have the monologue and the pre-written bits before the guests, you could have a bit of banter and goofiness with Jordan before the "serious bizness" of the interviews. Jordan'd make one hell of an Ed McMahon.
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Yay! I can finally match a face to Cocoa's bark!
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