Unusual and intriguing articles about diaries or diarists in the news
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Unusual and intriguing articles about diaries or diarists in the news
Steinbeck, George Eliot, Peary, Cripps, Wittgenstein, a Turkish coup, and a Philippine assassination - subjects of articles in April. Diarists and diaries are the main focus of every story. I always refer to original sources, provide links, and try to quote actual diary texts. Labels allow selection of articles by country, subject and date. There are now over 150 articles on The Diary Junction Blog and the site is nearly one year old - I'd love Metafilter members to take a look. Recent story links . . .

St Ogg’s on the Floss - yes, Eliot did once consider this as a title for Mill on the Floss
Aurora Quezon’s bomb fuse - and The Philippine Diary Project
A labile equilibrium - a look at Wittgenstein’s diaries
The Marxist Stafford Cripps - once he was so well-known it was thought he might replace Churchill during the war
Turkish diary in news coup - an investigation, sparked by diary entries, into alleged treason in Turkey
Perfect order that prevails - Alexis de Tocqueville, a Frenchman, investigating US democracy in the 1830s
A jolly double tricycle ride - a young woman growing up in Victorian Liverpool
A run-of-the-mill book - what Steinbeck thought of one of his greatest novels
Mistress of the bedchamber - Pepys on a royal scandal
Ether, a gorilla, and poppies - Cushing: a pioneer in neurosurgery
The Pole at last!!!- Peary reaches the North Pole, or did he?
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