Sickr - Share your sickness, save the world.
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Sickr - Share your sickness, save the world.
Sickr is a crowd-sourced method of studying outbreaks and the spread of diseases. All it requires is for one to answer 3-5 questions about your current/previous illness and an optional list of symptoms. No guessing is required, no diagnosis needed. All information collected is available to everyone and we'll be working on posting disease trends that can be identified by data analysis.

If we can get a large number of people to report their sicknesses (past, present, and future), we can build a public database that could help identify emerging outbreaks and prevent future ones.

Filling out the sickness report is fast and simple.

Send us your sickness and we can save the world from the Next Big Thing.
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Have you checked around for existing products, to compare how you'd fare against what's existing? I just found, which seems fairly basic, and there's Google Flu Trends that focuses on influenza. The former relies on user input, while the latter is based on certain search terms as indicators to estimate flu activity.
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It's a user input site, with similarities to WhoisSick, but we allow universal access to our data and encourage people to post their own analysis's. (Analyses? Analysis'?)

We also track more than just the USA.
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