Using Twitter to find those missed connections
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Using Twitter to find those missed connections
Find that cute person you walked past today.

Hi all.

Short and sweet: a Twitter account, a Wordpress blog, and love is in the air.

Newspapers and websites like Craigslist have had "missed connections" ads for years. You know the sort of thing: "Saw you on the 08:36 from St Pancras. You were the dashing gent in blue slacks. I was the dusky maiden reading the Times. Meet for coffee?"

Since Twitter clients are becoming ubiquitous, it's easy to tweet your every thought. And lord knows there are plenty of people who do.

So if your thought is "Wow, that person I just walked past is totally cute, but I don't have the cojones to just go up to them and say hi.... I guess we'll just pass like ships in the night... *sigh*"

...then this is for you :-)

For full instructions visit Yep, it's a Wordpress blog, but it's unlikely to ever feature "posts". It's just a holding page for the instructions.

If you're on Twitter, send @MissConnection a message, for example:

L:London You; chubby older gent on Clapham Common last night. Me; curious. Meet for cocktails?

Since the "@messages" on Twitter are public, all these messages are revealed if you search for @MissConnection on Twitter. It's currently pretty sparse (i.e. empty) but who knows... one day you might find love on there? Or a bit of slap-and-tickle. Or at the very least, a good laugh. If you can't even be bothered to browse websites any more, just add the RSS feed for the @MissConnection search into your preferred reader. Lovely.

Yep, it's clunky and tacky, but it took me a lunchbreak at work to knock up, it's free, and hey it uses Twitter.
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