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Bret Turner Music
A website/blog devoted to my music. Every day (or so), I post a song, new or old, rough or polished, instrumental or wordy, typical or experimental, and give a little backstory and details about the tune. I am currently in the process of recording an album and hopefully putting a band together, and will occasionally post songs from those sessions in the studio as well. Folky, with lots of fingerpickin' guitar, banjo-ing, and singing, and some occasional DIY percussion.

I hope to eventually turn this into a non-blog website, but for the moment my very basic internet skills have limited me to a tumblr blog, and I needed to start someplace!

A few songs:

Easy Going | instrumental, classical guitar, slide, bass, percussion - silly
Guitarron 5 | instrumental, classical guitar, guitarron, percussion - somber
You're Not Alone | guitar, piano - recorded for MeFi's two-chord challenge
Louis Collins | resonator guitar, banjo - cover of a Mississippi John Hurt song
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posted by cortex at 4:08 PM on April 19, 2009

Cool, Bret. I just went with a blog format too, to quickly throw together an information/promo site for my latest release. A custom web site is great and all, but websites take a hella lotta time to build, and the convenience of being able to plug right into a blog is, well, convenient. And it is about content after all, right? If you can get the content you want into a blog's format, then why not?
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Cool stuff!
I keep pressing a really fantastic Guitar player I know to being writing stuff and posting it up on a blog-- similar to this...unfortunately, he's one of those perfectionist types who would rather spend the next decade working on a masterpiece...So, sadly, the world doesn't hear his recordings. (AKA: Chinese Democracy Syndrome)

Nice tunes, man-- I'll give a listen to more throughout the day.
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