Just some old movie posters...
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Just some old movie posters...
On a recent trip to Birmingham, Alabama, I picked up a good number of old (1960s and 70s) movie posters at a used bookstore. Just got around to photographing them the other day, and I made a Flickr set. I know, it's just a Flickr set, not a big deal, really, but there are some pretty funny and (I think) somewhat rare ones, including some early sex movie posters that are pretty quaint. Just thought some of y'all might find the set interesting!
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This project was posted to MetaFilter by filthy light thief on March 18, 2009: A whole movie in one image

Excellent, would love to see loads of them, not heard of most of them. :)
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I especially like "Fanny Hill meets Lady Chatterley".
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These are neat!
Paris Pick-Up!

a casual meeting
a night of romance
a horror-filled dawn
I was curious enough about this one to look up the film. I hoped it was a zombie movie, but it's actually film noir. Apparently it was originally entitled "Le Monte-Charge".
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That's some great stuff! Thanks for posting it here.

So far I've seen at least two BIG TIME actors in not so big time flicks. I'm not pointing them out because the fun is in the finding!
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