Bad Art
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Bad Art
I have been wondering about the right length for a movie. I'm currently thinking 1 to 3 sec. If you like, or have occasionally felt yourself drawn towards the animated gif sections of picture boards, then you might like this. I'd be curious to see what people think. I think of it as playing with time. I work with models of time, and rhythm for a living, so this is fun.

I love short loops. I am interested in the notion of synchronization, and I study that experimentally. So in relaxed mode, I like to loop short stuff, as do many people. Very many of us are doing so. In these, I find there are three elements: picture 1, picture 2 and the sound. The loops are not synchronized. You and your pet brain have to make sense of them, so you will automatically start picking out resonances. You will find that two of the three start to synch up. You are making that up, but it feels nice. Tell me what you think. Files not optimized, and the "smile" one is 38 meg. Sorry. The others should be ok.
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Whoops, the first is massively NSFW.
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I don't get it, but I like it. (If you don't mind me asking, where's the audio loop on "Huygens" from?)
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I am having some plugin issues on my firefox, so I can only comment on the images.

Not knowing what your current audio is, if you want some custom composed audio to go with these loops, mefimail me about it (check out my posts on mefimusic to see some part of the range of what I could offer).

Some of these are sublime, and I think a better name for what happens may be asynchronization (like watching the windshield wipers on a bus, almost the same speed but not quite, or the difference tones on a microtonal interval). There is also a neat trick where you interlock open mouths as if for a deep kiss but keeping your tongues to yourselves, one person holds a constant tone, and the other matches it then moves slightly out of tune, it makes your skulls undulate if you do it right.

I appreciated the goat foot one especially.
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The audio on the Huygens is Steely Dan, Monkey in your soul, because of the monkey, right. I process the audio through Ableton Live, so I can really mess with its timbre and timing.

I like the asynchronization name. I've had some pretty bad suggestions elsewhere. Psy-ku comes to mind.

Thanks for the comments. Its a weird satisfaction, working within a form.
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