My beard can lift random objects… and the human spirit.
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My beard can lift random objects… and the human spirit.
I’ve been grooming, conditioning, stretching, and toning, and now my beard is finally ready for the big time: starting this Friday and every Friday thereafter, my beard will lift one pound for every hundred dollars raised for Chicago's Off the Street Club, until we raise $5,000 or the hair is violently ripped off my face.

Off the Street Club is Chicago's oldest boys and girls club and serves more than 3,000 kids, giving them somewhere safe to go after school where they can get free tutoring, work with computers, learn to sing, and more. So if you love beards, love kids, or love watching strangers in incredible pain, please visit!
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This project was posted to MetaFilter by Damn That Television on February 12, 2009: Think of the children: hurt this man's face.

eamon, I just donated but don't see an update on the website. You might want to check into the Paypal IPN stuff to access their API or at least do a thank you page on the exit that auto-updates your donation totals.
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Unfortunately, the donation has to go directly to Off the Street Club so it remains tax-deductible. They're trying to figure out a way to forward me the receipts, but they're not quite there yet. Thanks so much for donating!
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Found another way to do it: the current total will be updated live later this evening once I get the day's totals synced up. Woot!
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I wish to see a larger version (or individual images) of your training collage, because that is awesome.
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Only good can come of this.
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Holy cow! We're almost at $500 in the very first week! Thanks, everyone! And don't forget to vote tomorrow on Things My Beard Will Lift!
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way to go
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I'm a joyless idiot who normally hates everything, but "... and the human spirit" is pretty much true in this case. Great work.
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I doubt anyone is checking this thread, but I figured I'd post a status update anyway:

- Chicagoans, if you like cupcakes, Baking for the Taking will deliver a dozen beard-decorated cupcakes to you anywhere in the city for just $25 and they'll donate $10 of that to Off the Street Club. You gotta see these things.

- As of this moment, I've received $3,694.00 and lifted a Millennium Falcon model, a roller derby championship trophy, one of Bozo's Grand Prize Game buckets, and a mountain bike. I'm trying to cut a deal with a local Greek joint to lift a 40 pound gyro cone next week, but to do that we'll have to break $4,000. If you were at all thinking about donating, even $5 will help get me there!

- If you are completely broke and can't spare a dollar, you can still contribute! Just download a beard and some heavy things, take a picture of yourself, and upload it to the Facebook group, and I'll make a donation on your behalf! A printer, scissors, and floss is all you need!

Hooray for beards and kids!
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