365 Poems, 365 Days.
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365 Poems, 365 Days.
Does what it says on the tin. I will write and post 365 poems in the span of this calendar year. Other people were also supposed to do so also but so far they haven't been keeping up. I've been doing it for 13 days and have got 13 poems up so far.

I've done the poem-a-day-for-a-year thing before, though that was on a typewriter in a window in downtown Reykjavík and not online so I know what I'm getting into. So far it's been fun but if memory serves months three and four were the hardest but after six months it was just so much part of the daily routine that it was easy peasy.

The poems I write for 365poems365days are also posted to a closed blog where a whole bunch of Boston area poets are posting one poem a day but almost all of them chose not to put their poetry on an open blog for a variety of good reasons. The two other contributors listed, Steve Subrizi (who did post a few poems in the beginning) and insafemode have both been posting on the closed blog.

The poems are not revisions of older poetry but written just for the blog. All poetry will be in English except maybe for special days (Icelandic Independence Day or Bastille Day perhaps).
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Heh... and after I posted this Steve put two poems up.
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I pretty much have to vote for this (I'm good about writing them, not so good with posting them). Curious about your policy if you miss a day (my policy is that I have to make them up)... always interested in seeing how another obsessive compulsive approaches their craft.
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Well, the goal I set myself was to finish 365 in the calendar year, so yeah, when I miss days I have to make them up. It's not the end of the world if I don't post one every day. I fell asleep writing HYUM ANSA CRIF IESS (it is both fruitful and dangerous, I find, to write in bed at the end of the day) and finished it the next morning and wrote Depth of Field in the evening (also written in bed, though I didn't fall asleep until after I had posted it).
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not bad, but...ok if poems are...shorter
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Since I generally only write poetry while intoxicated this would have made 2009 an interesting year for me. Nice idea.

It deserves its own domain and something more sophisticated than blobspot.

One weakness of this idea is that 90% of most writer's poems shouldn't be seen or acknowledged. The good ones will get lost among the bad. Well, unless they are all good. Heh!
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Yup, I only plan to write good poems this year :)

That said, I'd be ecstatic if 10% are good. I was once told that the traditional Confucian view was that no one should be considered a poet until he had written 10000 poems and then the few good ones he had written should be collected together. I don't know if this has any basis in actual Chinese thought but I do like it as an idea. I have a little bit less than 9000 to go.
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telstar: not bad, but...ok if poems are...shorter

Some of them are going to be short. I joke that I'm trying to see how long I can go before I write a haiku but really, writing a haiku would take me a lot longer than an 8-16 line poem in no set form, as I tend to get somewhat obsessive when writing haikus.

"Is this the right seasonal word I want in there to convey the aspect of the season I'm trying to depict?" "If I replace this three syllable word with a more sonorous four syllable synonym can I still get all the meaning into the poem?" "Why the fuck can't I just have 8 syllables in a line for once, huh?" "Uh oh! It's turning into a tanka! Time to put on my moralizing hat!"
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As a bitter old, failed academic poet myself, I seldom like others' poetry. But yours I like. This is really fine work. Please, keep going!
posted by saulgoodman at 11:40 AM on February 2, 2009

Thanks! I've been feeling uninspired the last few days so it's nice to get a boost.
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