Obscure Pop Culture Reference
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Obscure Pop Culture Reference
Our shrine to 'Bad Movie Nite' (Not Safe for Dial-Up)

Obscurepop.com is just a little side project my buddy Scott and I have been working on to enshrine our weekly 'Bad Movie Nite'.

Week after week while watching B-Movies with the gang we found ourselves repeatedly commenting on how this scene would make an amusing animated gif, and endlessly repeating our favorite clips. Thus it was decided that it would be a fun project to try and aggregate our favorite bits for future reference, sort of like a visual 'Bad Movie Nite' journal.

As a repository of obscenely large animated gifs (600Kb+ at times) and YouTube clips, it couldn't possible be more dial-up unfriendly. And we are still just working the bugs out (one of the motivations for the project is to force me to learn more PHP, so I'm sure I did plenty of stuff sub optimally), but perhaps some folks will find it as amusing as we do.
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