Tomas Phillips + Dean King: "Les Mailles" (mv26)
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Tomas Phillips + Dean King: "Les Mailles" (mv26)
Long-form electronic minimalism inspired by Maya Deren's film "Meshes of the Afternoon" (1943). Released Nov '08 on Monochrome Vision. (2-minute mp3 excerpt)

"Les Mailles" translates into English as "meshes", finely interlaced material that invites a certain transparency. Maya Deren's "Meshes of the Afternoon" relies on such opportunity of vision in order to communicate the inherent emotion of seemingly banal events, phenomena that go otherwise unnoticed at the expense of the character whose interiority becomes increasingly compromised in the unraveling universe of the film. Of course, accessing an inner life is not all storm and stress. In a context of quiet attention to slowly shifting movements, recognition of the microscopic may also yield productive insights into occurrences observed beyond the fabric of our inventions.

Total time is 39:36. Limited edition of 500 copies in jewelcase. 13US$/10€.
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