Wild Opals
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Wild Opals
Opal. Amazing stuff. Water seeps through soil, collecting silica along the way; filling cracks and crevices and Erics, and then sits there for a few million years drying out into the greatest colour & light show in mineralogy.

Opals are one of the six precious gems along with ruby, emerald, sapphire, diamond and pearl. Ninety-five percent of the world’s opal comes from Australia (hi!). One percent of that is the opal type known as boulder/matrix that comes from western Queensland. Welcome to Wild Opals.

I buy direct from the mines and miners working in hard and hot but self-determined conditions. It's exploitation-free and environmentally controlled gemstone mining. My aim is to get these types of opal stones better known so that the miners, the towns that depend on them, and individuals like me who love them can make a small living.

Boulder and matrix opal means opal with/in rock. The opal stones I sell are like landscapes in deep ironstone so dense it's almost haematite, or in a lighter ferrous sandstone with character and story. No wonder I name each one. Come meet Lagoon of Mr Happy Pants, Intaglio Romance and friends.
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Site looks kind of odd in Safari, but great idea. BTW, yes, Shopify does rock ;)
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Ah, mmm, oh, ugh....
And chrome and opera.
Thanks for the heads-up lowlife.
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