COPYLEFT -- a long poem
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COPYLEFT -- a long poem
This poem, still in progress, has been growing by one quatrain a day since the day after Thanksgiving, 2007, and I'm posting it here in celebration of its one year anniversary. It comes with its own "about" section, which outlines my sort of skeletal intentions for its life cycle.

Thanks for reading, I hope you like the poem, or parts of it. Designing it to be open-ended and written backwards has made me surrender some of my prejudices about how a poem does or doesn't hang together, so to speak, and I'm learning more about that all the time. Also, cortex's Markovfilter was the clear inspiration for the Markov stuff in the "about" section -- thanks to him for that.

This is also the first and only poem I've ever written a blink tag into.
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