FourTrack - iPhone audio recorder
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FourTrack - iPhone audio recorder
A neat iPhone four-track audio recorder that some friends created (& I helped beta test!) It does pretty much exactly what you would expect it to and lets you dump out the individual tracks (as WAVs) into the audio software of your choice. Here's to a new generation of Lou Barlows & Bob Pollards! =)
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Not to mention Lee Perrys. This looks really cool.
posted by Burhanistan at 2:58 PM on November 6, 2008

That's nuts. I approve. I'm already telling my home studio-using friends.
posted by ardgedee at 5:38 PM on November 6, 2008

I bit pricey for me to play with.

I've had a pretty low success with liking software on the iPhone, so feel like I waste my money. I mean, can I get a refund for Cro-Mag?

Looks neat, but the most expensive app I've bought so far was "Bloom," and my review of it is, meh.

I think SonicLighter is the only app worth what I paid for it.

A two track demo might be neat. I have a slew of recorders, but so far unimpressed by the quality on any, so think it's the iPhone. Not really "cd quality" on the ones I've tried but fully admit I could be doing it wrong.

I can remember wanting a Tascam 4 track when I was in high school, and it was hundreds of dollars, with more hiss than an angry cat, so in that light it's cheap!
posted by cjorgensen at 12:29 PM on November 7, 2008

damn your timing, I just spent 10 dollars on the other iphone 4track app that I haven't used yet! your looks much nicer, i must say, but I will wait a bit to forget the last 10 bucks.
posted by thedaniel at 2:45 AM on November 10, 2008

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