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East Bay Pictures is putting together a video of what will - we hope - be a raucous Obama celebration across the nation. But we need your help, fine MeFites!

We are doing this because:

1) It is our civic duty to capture the unprecedented celebration and ecstatic merry-making that will occur if (dare we say when) Obama wins.
2) Use your favorite recording technology (from HD cameras to crappy cell phone cameras) to capture the most raucous, democracy-drenched Obamabash you can find, and tell your friends to do the same. Also, any and all democracy-related inspirational stuff: standing in line to vote, holding signs, singing, crying - all of it!
3) All of this tremendous footage will be collected in a convenient online location, and then compiled into a music video that will make the whole damn internet want to get up and dance the last 8 years away.

Upload your video to Vimeo, tag it with Obamabash, and let the good times roll.
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