Operation: Sleeper Cell
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Operation: Sleeper Cell
Operation: Sleeper Cell is a massively multiplayer puzzle game that is raising money for Cancer Research UK. It's been developed entirely by unpaid volunteers over the course of nine months, and has raised over $3000 so far. The game is free to play, but if you donate money, you can unlock extra puzzles for everyone!

Operation: Sleeper Cell launched a few weeks ago, and it originates from a competition I organised, Let's Change the Game, that invited people from around the world to design a game to benefit charity.

In the game, teams of players work together to solve 'puzzle cells' in a grid. By donating money to the game, they can unlock extra cells for all players, and also advance the story, which takes place over websites, blogs, Twitter and even in real life.

Along with the puzzles, there’s also a brilliant and thoroughly British story to follow, one of biscuit-eating and tea-drinking spies at The Agency coming together to active their sleeper cells and defeat the forces of ‘E.V.I.L.’ once and for all!
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