Why Hillary supporters should back Obama
September 9, 2008 8:43 PM   Subscribe Why Hillary supporters should back Obama
This website is primarily targeted at Hillary supporters who are considering voting for McCain/Palin. We compare Clinton's platform with Obama's and McCain's, including sources so that you can check for yourself where they stand on the issues.

Hillary Clinton is a capable Democrat on a good platform with all of its priorities in the right place, and while she was running against Obama earlier this year it was easy to forget that their political ideologies were very similar. As an exceptionally gifted, well-spoken woman running to be the presidential candidate of a major party, she opened a door that can't be closed.

Unfortunately, the next person to come through that open door was Sarah Palin. In light of her embarrassing lack of experience, her nomination for VP should be seen by voters for what it is - a transparent fumble for Clinton's supporters. She's a decoy. She stands unambiguously in opposition to Hillary Clinton on all of the issues. But the GOP knows how to play the media, and this tactic is probably going to work to some degree.

The presidential race is exceptionally close this year, and it's becoming clear that every vote is once again going to count. If we're going win the election, we're going to have to counter the pandering and the deception coming from the right with well-sourced information that brings swing voters back to the real issues.

A friend and I have created a new website designed to do just that. We've compared Clinton's platform with Obama's and McCain's to illustrate just how different they really are. We counter common conservative attacks against Obama's legitimacy as a presidential candidate. We've tried to inoculate Clinton supporters against the lie that Palin stands for women's rights. And we've cited everything from well-regarded sources.

Our website is at Help us take back the White House and spread the word!
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