Anna-Anna, Life in Flintville, WI
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Anna-Anna, Life in Flintville, WI
The product of literally months of trying to export all of the information from my girlfriend's mom's Yahoo 360 blog.

In case any of you were unaware, Yahoo 360 doesn't really support any sort of "Export" functionality, I'll let all of you posit why they might not have something like that.

So, I wrote a script to download all pages and then attempted to "grep" and "sed" through them to produce a usable import file. After this failed for various reason, I stumbled upon a program to export Yahoo360 Blogs automatically to a Wordpress Import XML page. Evidently someone was having the exact same problem as me, and understood Wordpress Import format a little better than I.

600 plus blog posts, coming to 14MB of import file needed, then to be split into 2mb chunks to allow it to be uploaded via Wordpress' PHP interface. A couple more tweaks to the DB and an export so that I would be sure that I wouldn't have to do it all over again, and things started to look up.

A couple of minor tweaks to the Wordpress Theme by replacing the default header images with images from around the house, addition of a Caching widget to handle any possible spikes in traffic, sitemap widget to help search engines crawl the page and a google adsense widget to make it easy to modify any ads that would be displayed on the site, and we we're all set.

Do check the page out, if you have a chance... if anyone has any questions on doing the same thing, go ahead and drop me a line!
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