imgfave - simple image bookmarking
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imgfave - simple image bookmarking
For a long time I'd been searching for a good way to save images that I come across online. There are a few image bookmarking sites out there (,,, but they are either invite only or too cluttered / have too many features. I present imgfave is a dead simple alternative that anyone can use. I've also added a friends feature where you can subscribe to other users and see all their favorite stuff show up in your friends section.
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I dunno. I haven't ever quite got these image filtery sites. Less clutter means less in the way of attribution, no tags and therefore reduced utility as an image finding resource. I'd rather see more stringent posting policies that required supplying a bunch of info. If I was an artist, I think seeing the continuing drift towards image jagging for secondary sites as the norm might make me think twice about posting any material online.

At least with ffffound the closed door policy has kept the quality of the material fairly high, but again, it's a firehose of disparate imagery, good for a 5 or 10 minute scroll but it doesn't really have ongoing practical benefits to my way of thinking. May as well set up a Pipes filter on flickr for whatever interests you and publish it on a blog. Innovation, not replication, is what's needed in this arena, innit? 2c
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Cool site. I imagine the fact you are grabbing peoples images and storing them on your own servers might rub people the wrong way. I'm pretty sure this would be a no-no for a lot of people putting their images online.
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Yeah, I'd be kind of upset if anything I made was there unattributed.

So you should only do other people's things.
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Thanks for the feedback!

peacay: It is my hope that the friends feature will be become the primary way people explore images. The front page is always going to be a random mixture and certainly won't appeal to everyone.. so being able to see a stream of images from users you are subscribed to could be a great way to filter things down.

As far as copyright goes.. my goal is to to create a tool that makes it easy for people to keep track of all the great images they come across online and share them with others... and be able to see what images their friends think are inspiring/funny/cool/whatever.. But I definately don't want to step on the toes of copyright holders.. ideally I want to drive traffic to them. So if it looks like I need to reduce the size of the image (so that the only reasonable way to view it is to click through to the original site) then I will. Or if I need to allow website owners to opt out of having their images submitted.. then I will.

I appreciate the feedback!
posted by digital88 at 7:39 PM on August 15, 2008

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