Cameesa - Crowdfunded Fashion
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Cameesa - Crowdfunded Fashion
We are a clothing company run by those who wear it. The idea with Cameesa is to get more people involved in the clothing creation process. We use crowdfunding to let the community decide what we make. The people who find and fund designs (called Supporters) then share in the profits along with the artist. There is no voting or competitions; the community truly has control over what gets made.
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This is a cool idea.

The only problem I have, and it may be my math, but if a person were to totally fund on shirt, he'd be getting $1.50.

So it would take 650+ shirts sold to break even?

My math isn't always the best.

This seems like a lot of risk for not enough return.

Of course, I guess it's not a get rich quick scheme, so maybe evaluating return isn't the way to go. And I guess you'd also have 50 shirts.

Maybe after the first "part" you could forgo the shirt and earn more. Or maybe most people won't buy more than 1 part. Or maybe I have it all wrong.
posted by cjorgensen at 2:20 PM on August 14, 2008

Thanks for the feedback. You are correct: Cameesa is not a get rich scheme. It is more about empowering people to work together to make stuff happen. You should support shirts that you would love to wear. In return for your support you get the shirt and earn a little extra.

Our hope is that Cameesa can give hope to new designers who don't have a huge following or portfolio. They can be judged on the merits of their work.
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