Your Science - Your Say
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Your Science - Your Say
Your Science Your Say is an experimental project where you decide what research gets funded. Watch three short videos of scientists presenting their research, then if you can go to the Science Gallery in Trinity College Dublin, record your own video saying who you want to fund and why. Otherwise visit Then check out how other people voted online. The researcher with the most votes gets a €4,000 grant.

This is part of my MSc in Science Communication at Dublin City University. I think at its worst, some people will think it's Eurovision, or the Apprentice for Scientists. And I'd like to hear those people speak up, because this has been a huge learning process.
I also think some people will think it's a good pilot project of Upstream Engagement, and a good example of science communication, or public engagement with science and technology. I'll be writing up an analysis long after this has become interesting to the public, but for now, the project runs from today (July 28th), through August 16th. If you can't make it to Trinity, you can vote online at once that is up and running. The wordpress site is basic-- I'm no multimedia guru, so I may move the videos to a more suitable site if a better option arises. I'm also working on giving folks the option to post their video votes remotely so that they don't have to go all the way to Dublin.... Updates if that works...
Suggestions, reactions and participation to this aren't just welcome-- they're the point!

PS- alot of people and organizations have helped with this by donating money, equipment, or both, and I'm very indebted to: Agtel, DSE, The Science Gallery, Best Before Media, and Podium.
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I think it's kind of dumb to let the public decide what research is important to the extent that they control funding. I don't trust them to know the significance of some research.
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