Nebular Spool "Ruins" - a post-apocalyptic album from a broken future
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Nebular Spool "Ruins" - a post-apocalyptic album from a broken future
I am releasing my sordid, lo-fi, retro-organic glitchscapismic album "Ruins" as a free download, with the option to purchase higher quality / seamless version. In a broken future, the only soundtrack is the one created from the aftermath fragments.

"Deeper into the ruins there are found more broken computers. Some are fragment, some are whole, others are skeleton. There is not much time for me to spend on else, so I set them all together again as possible. I discover only more of the music noises and the visual stories about the collapse. They look made up.

I like to compose the pieces complete, and play on my mechanical speaker at the night fire. They are broken memories, but so are my time."
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Holy shit I love this. Make more please.
posted by cog_nate at 11:07 AM on August 7, 2008

Very, very good. I'd like to hear more. Thanks.
posted by Skyanth at 1:16 AM on August 31, 2008

Wait, hold on, are you Ugress? Dude! I've been listening to your stuff for years!
posted by Skyanth at 12:31 AM on September 3, 2008

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