Gooder Than Hell!
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Gooder Than Hell!
"Gooder than hell!" is one of my catch-phrases on my morning radio show, so it was inevitable that I registered the domain - then, inevitable that I use it to extol the virtues of stuff that turns me on. Stuff that is gooder than hell. Recent entries include Skyline cheese coneys, Swamp Thing, Eric Johnson, and girls with smoky eye.
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Smoky eye post made me laugh. Subscribed.
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I'm an atheist and therefore do not subscribe to Christian dogma, theory, or y'know... whatever. That said, from everything I've ever heard about Hell, it would indicate that the bar for things 'gooder' than it would be set pretty damn low. Does that mean anything could make it into the blog?

Just kidding. Seriously though, I like your blog, I do. Anyone who rates Dangermouse as highly as you do has my vote (I just voted for your Project). It was one of those afternoon TV shows that would simply enthrall me. As an adult reminiscing about the show, I always thought it must have been Rowan Atkinson who did his voice. So I was quite surprised to learn it was actually David Jason! There you go.

Lego Star Wars is also gooder than hell, I must admit. It's not gooder than sex, Lindt chocolate or free internet for a year, but compared to hell? Yeah, definitely gooder.
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Billy Squier! "Lonely is the Night" is such a great song...

actually, it's gooder than hell!
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