textgasm: share your secrets in 140 characters or less
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textgasm: share your secrets in 140 characters or less
as mat honan put it: twitter + postsecret + reddit = textgasm. share your secrets anonymously and comment and vote on others' secrets as well. @textgasm on twitter allows you to keep track of new secrets and submit your own secrets via direct message.

the site went live last month, but the integrated twitter functionality (posting a secret via a direct message) was added, well, just a few minutes ago. I plan on adding search to the site and possibly tags for each secret. feel free to leave suggestions as to how I can improve textgasm. all input is appreciated!
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Allowing comments is dangerous: if someone puts up a secret that they've really been struggling with and someone responds with a snarky comment, that can be pretty crushing to the poster. This is a place in which trolls can really do some damage. Sites in this genre, like Postsecret and grouphug.us, generally don't allow comments.
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Grimp0teuthis: comments can be disabled on the share a secret page for that reason. surprisingly, the vast majority choose to enable comments.
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Isn't this just a rehash of grouphug.us?
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banannafish: textgasm definitely overlaps with grouphug. when I coded the site, I hadn't heard of grouphug, nerve dating confessions, lowbrow, or wefeelfine — all of which were brought to my attention after the fact. textgasm is different from each of those sites, though, with its combination of character limitation, voting, and secrets being open to comments.
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