Dawdle - StubHub for video games (and systems and accessories)
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Dawdle - StubHub for video games (and systems and accessories)
I had a terrible time trying to sell a used PSP online (eBay, Amazon, Craigslist), so my friends and I tried to build a better way. Yes, these are real items for sale by real people (and independent stores) and we handle all the payments (so no PayPal two step). What are we missing? What can we do better? Where the hell is that goddamn save point? (Why can't I stop using parens?)

A few things about what we do that's different:

* You can Get It Now (like Buy It Now on eBay) or you can Make a Bid at a lower price - "it's not worth $20 to me, but I'd pay $10 for it"
* Same deal with selling - you can list an item for sale, or you can Sell It Now to someone that's already named a price that they'd pay for something they'd want
* No pictures or descriptions; it's all in the drop downs
* If you know the UPCs for the items you want to sell, you can do about 6-10 a minute at our selling cart
* Shipping is included in all the prices
* Credit cards only, we deposit proceeds in the sellers' checking accounts (not just no PayPal two-step, no PayPal)
* Tag-based search; using type=(game), type=(system), or type=(accessory) will limit to those product types [we know search still needs a lot of work; please be gentle]
* The site borks on Opera because of JavaScript on the product pages - we can't figure this bug out; sorry!
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