Surviving Winthrop
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Surviving Winthrop
After 3 years of going to Winthrop University, I've decided that a wiki would be a great way for students to help other learn the ins and outs of the university. Everything from professors to stay away from/go completely out of your way to take (honestly, this part scares me a bit but I'll try it anyway) to schedules for things around campus to who makes the best smoothies in the food court. As for the why, Winthrop has a habit of either not answering questions at all or giving students an answer that doesn't tell the whole truth. I know that's probably true of other universities as well, but I don't go to them so it doesn't bother me at all. Too bad it will probably take about a year for the thing to really get enough information to be useful. But oh well, I can live with that. Any help or praise would be appreciated.
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Such a great idea. When I was a student at UCLA, the bureaucracy was so huge and unwieldy that it took a ridiculous amount of effort on the students' part to get information or answers to our questions. Maybe you can also put together a list of specific names in different departments who should be consulted when help is needed on various issues (e.g., "Ask for Doris in the Financial Aid office if you have student loan-related issues.")
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