Hermitosis: A Malady of Perspective
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Hermitosis: A Malady of Perspective
Interviews about horror, featuring many people of note! Victims include Michael K. Williams (The Wire's Omar Little); film directors Jennifer Lynch, Mitchell Lichtenstein, and JT Petty; Philip Glass protogé Nico Muhly; 2008 Pulitzer-winning playwright Tracy Letts; Project Runway designer Chris March; Allan Apone, whose Faces of Death special effects faked out a generation, and many more. I've also amassed interviews with many others whose occupation gives them a unique perspective on the genre, such as the head perfumier at BPAL, a magician, an oral surgeon, a zombie scholar, an *ahem* funeral director, and so forth!
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Full disclosure: I gather these interviews as material for my columns at AMC, but only about 25% of it ever winds up on that site. As a huge fan of most of the people I interview, this site is my way to make sure that all their wonderful words (and the original context of their answers) is preserved.
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Neat! The AMC write-ups I've seen from you always seem a little cramped, so I'm glad this stuff is going somewhere that isn't measured on a tight column-inch budget.
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Nice! I like reading your stuff. And as an aside, I like your other new blog, too.
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