A new publisher Web site
May 19, 2008 1:46 PM

A new publisher Web site
Well I just launched a new version of the Web site for the publisher I work for. To read a bit about the scope of the change, this blog post gives most of the details. I'm really looking for advice on and (gentle) criticism about the site. If you were an academic, author, or a librarian, is there more you might need? How do I better serve those users? We are planning on offering marc records from the book pages but that may be down the road. Please note that we are a not-for-profit so dissemination is little more important than revenue for us. Not everything is working perfectly, four of the five contact forms are still being re-scripted, but most of it should be working reasonably well. This book page has all of the features any page can currently carry. We'll also be adding a button to purchase a license /ask for permission for reproducing books (or parts) on each individual book page later in the month.
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