Shop 'Till They Drop
April 8, 2008 6:25 AM

Shop 'Till They Drop
We all realise the importance of wages, whether we have a 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday job, a part-time job or know someone that works to provide for us. Not only does the money that people gain help to provide a roof over their heads, electricity, heating and food, but for many, wages also enables one to have entertainment and to splash out on the latest 'I want this' consumer goods. Yet, imagine a world where none of this was possible. Imagine a world where 80 hours of work per week is the norm and the cost of living widely surpasses the wages that you receive per month. This isn't the storyline of some fictious novel, it is real life for many that work to provide the clothes that you and I wear in Western society. My blog, entitled "Shop 'Till They Drop," is a university project and not only explores the relams of sweatshops around the globe, but also exploitation in many spheres that you wouldn't imagine, such as the innocent-looking cut-fllowers that we all purchase from supermarkets. The aim of my blog is to not only highlight the events that are currently occuring around the globe, but also how we can all help to reduce the amount of exploitation that is happening and last, but not least, learn more about the entire happenings myself! All comments and suggestions are much appreciated!
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