Metropolitan Opera Subscription Helper
March 17, 2008 3:30 PM

Metropolitan Opera Subscription Helper
The Metropolitan Opera sells subscription packages to 30 different series of 6-8 operas from the 25 that they are producing in the 2008-09 season. They are expensive up front, but are a pretty good way to commit to seeing great opera spread across the whole season. The problem is, the subscriptions are sold only by day of the week: you choose a day, then you see a few options that show you which operas are playing that day. But I don't care what day I go to the opera: I just want to see the operas that I want to see; the package with the most of those operas is the one I want. But I can't be bothered to read through 30 lists and pick which one is best for me. So I made a single page with a list of the operas and a list of the packages: you select which operas you want to see, and then the table sorts to show you which subscriptions have the most of your selected operas. Then you can go to the Met website and buy it.
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